Discover Who You Really Are | Neale Donald Walsch

In this powerful video, Neale Donald Walsch, author of Conversations With God, shares a goosebump-inducing message of who you really are. For more awe-inspiring, self-awakening wisdom, sign up for his free Masterclass:
Most of us don’t know what it is or what it’s about. Most of us don’t even know that it’s happening… But it IS happening. Every moment, every hour, every day…
It’s LIFE. And it’s happening all around us, through us, and AS us.
Here’s what many people don’t fully understand: Life is happening for a reason. And Life becomes the miracle it was intended to be when you decide to be the miracle YOU were intended to be… So be it.
Be divine.
In this video, the great Neale Donald Walsch inspires you to step into your divinity and see every golden moment of Now as an opportunity to recreate yourself as anew — into the next grandest version of the greatest vision you ever held about yourself.
00:58 Create the experience of Who You Really Are!
02:03 The process we experience of being ourselves as divine
02:58 Be Divine
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From a life-threatening accident, to divorces, to living on the streets: Life was not easy on Neale Donald Walsch. In the midst of his struggles, he wrote down a question on a piece of paper: “What does it take to make life work?”
To his greatest surprise, he received an answer from the Divine — then many more. It’s what lead him to write Conversations With God which sat on the New York Times bestsellers list for 2 ½ years.
Today, Neale is on a quest to spark a global spiritual awakening at a time when the planet needs it most. And by collaborating with Mindvalley, he aims to touch millions more lives with his divine wisdom.
Mindvalley University is developing an online university for all ages focused on transformational education. We organize real-world curated events and produce programs in every area of transformation including mind, body, and performance.
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